The Ice has broken!

This afternoon, the sun came out and helped melt away any remaining icebergs separating the students. Led by our Ministers of Fun, TJ and Lizzie, the students participated in a variety of games and activities to help the students get comfortable with each other and bring out a little bit of their silliness. The back garden was filled with laugher and cries of fun. Human bingo, posse rock paper scissors, “nose to nose”, and mingle-mingle were all played and enjoyed.

After the games were played, staircase groups went out on the town and had tours of the area; sharing knowledge of various sights, giving insight to students about the various haunts of historical personages.
The sun continued in to the evening, students were content hanging out in the quad and back garden, enjoying the sun and each others company.

After a delicious dinner, they had a quick Dean’s meeting to go over the program’s guidelines, and then they split off into their staircase groups to have their supercalifragalisticexpialadocious “meetings”. The staircase meetings were well planned as some groups had a royal themed meeting with tiaras and crowns, others were decorating cupcakes, and many games of “two truths and a lie” were played.

Sunday affords a time to relax and do some more exploring. Some groups may take in a pub lunch, see a museum, or take in evensong at Christ Church.

As it is almost Sunday, and all the kiddies are in bed, time to tuck in.
Enjoy the photos!


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